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Understanding ancient Indian mathematics

It is high time we studied our mathematical heritage with diligence and objectivity


The History of Negative Numbers


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Ancient life in three dimensions

Hidden secrets about life in Somerset 190 million years ago have been revealed in a new study of...



China's air less polluted in...

BEIJING (Reuters) – China saw levels of two common air pollutants improve modestly in the first...


Why we live on Earth and not Venus

Compared to its celestial neighbors Venus and Mars, Earth is a pretty habitable place. So how did we get so lucky? A new study sheds light on the improbable evolutionary path that enabled Earth to sustain life.

One Weird Trick To Improve Women's Chances in Science

When a woman is part of the organizing team that invites speakers to scientific conferences, the number of female speakers in the session shoots up by 72 percent, according to the new research.

Pinto Bean Germination Experiment

Ready, set, grow! How long does it take for a bean to get growing?How does a beanstalk grow in the first place? In this experiment, you’ll investigate the growth of pinto beans and see if you can create a stronger bean plant by giving plants the...

Rid science, tech of red tape: Scientists

As a new year's wish, 32 scientists, all holding high posts at research institutes and laboratories, have written to the Prime Minister and asked him to "free" the management of science and technology from the thickets of bureaucracy.

Quantum Effects Of Photosynthesis Could Improve Energy Efficiency

Sunlight drives nearly all life on Earth, and scientists want to develop ways for it to power civilization as well. Now researchers suggest that a relatively simple, biologically inspired technique for harvesting sunlight could in principle...

Oldest Trees Are Growing Faster, Storing More Carbon as They Age

In a finding that overturns the conventional view that large old trees are unproductive, scientists have determined that for most species, the biggest trees increase their growth rates and sequester more carbon as they age.

Synopsis: Vector Potentials Rule

Outside a solenoid, even though the magnetic field can be vanishingly small, the vector potential is nonzero. It is this vector potential that affects the phase of electrons in flight. To show this, Khatua et al. fabricated a microscopic...

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