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Programming C reflects a number of growing trends in software development, putting it at or near the leading edge of …

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Programming C reflects a number of growing trends in software development, putting it at or near the leading edge of good programming languages. It is a very simple language surrounded by a vast library of add-on modules. It is an open source project, supported by many individuals. It is an object-oriented language, binding data and processing into class definitions. It is a platform-independent, scripted language, with complete access to operating system API's. It supports integration of complex solutions from pre-built components. It is a dynamic language, which avoids many of the complexities and overheads of compiled languages.

Three Faces of a Language. There are three facets to a programming language: how you write it, what it means, and the additional practical considerations that make a program useful. While many books cover the syntax and semantics of Programming C, in this book we'll also cover the pragmatic considerations. Our core objective is to build enough language skills that good object-oriented design will be an easy next step.

Many languages offer a number of tools that can accomplish the same basic task. Programming C is no exception. It is often difficult to know which of many alternatives performs better or is easier to adapt. We'll try to focus on showing the most helpful approach, emphasizing techniques that apply for larger development efforts. We'll try to avoid quick and dirty solutions that are only appropriate when learning the language.

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Shishir Kant Singh is an IT Professional , his qualification is M.Tech from Computer Science. After doing B.Tech and M.Tech , he focused  on own creative ideas and started own company. He is Director of Dharshi Technologies Private Limited Company and he is also Manager of SEED Group. Shishir writes many professional courses books (Programming C, C++ , Java Programming, R Programming, Python Programming, Machine Learning, Android, PHP Programming, Web Designing , yet) .

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