Importance of Biology

Biology, the science of life, is among the most important sciences and is the soapbox of many of them.

The study of biology is too important for us, and that’s for many reasons.

In this story, I don’t pretend to be the best biologist that ever existed in the History of mankind, but I tried to put together the reasons I thought (and understood) are making biology (for the most) a vital science that it really is.

Here are the reasons that made me think to write this story :

1- Biology helps us know, understand nature :

Studying different parts of an animal/plant helps us to understand the mechanisms in action in many processes, such as reproduction, metabolism, food collection, behavior. It also helps us understand many aspects of animal/plant. The most common sub-sciences (I don’t know if this word has ever existed) involved here are Taxonomy, Heredity…

Taxonomy is the science whose purpose is to classify living animal/plants according to their forms, and other characteristics.

Heredity, whose GodFather is Mendel, studies aspects that travel throughout generations of living beings and are transcripted in their genes.

Evolution, Behavioral biology are also Biology’s sub-sciences which try to understand life and nature by asking questions about the latter and trying to answer them.

2- Benefits to humans :

Biology helps people in their life. It’s an undeniable fact. For instance, farmers ought to know everything (or almost) about crops, the way they should be raised, the amount of water to be irrigated by, nutriments to be fed, and last but not least, the quantity of fertilizers to be used in order to have the best harvest possible. The same goes for livestock which must be bred, the quantity of food it must be fed, veterinary care it must receive, living conditions which it’s exposed to…

3- Role in medicine :

For humans, animals as much as for plants, Biology had (has and is will always have) core importance.

Medicine, which is the discipline of health care, is based on 99% of it on Biology. Virology, Mycology, and Pharmacology are some of the sub-sciences (here he goes again) that medicine deal with and need day and night.

Diseases, which can go from deadly epidemics to the headache you have because of flu, are all related to biology. And the good news is, yes you’ve guessed it, the answers are in biology too.

The continuous study of life by scientists (either doctors or biologists) leads to a tremendous number of cure to many epidemics and mortal diseases, but not all of them. Which leads us to the next point.

4- The life of Biology is research :

As we’ve mentioned earlier, research helps us find answers to the worst illnesses that had ever existed. Scientists are working day and night to find these answers by experimenting, calculating and simulating results in order to discover the cure of illnesses that might be deadly.

5- Environment and Biology :

The environment is our cradle. And for this reason, we’re supposed to preserve it from different threats (even if many of them are due to us).

In addition to the air, water, and soil which we can think are chemicals rather than living things, animals are endangered by our behavior. More than that, the latter is closely linked to the chemical elements of environment. So the smallest action we have on any element in the environment has an irrevocable impact on life on earth.

To understand all that and limit the negative impacts we have on the environment, we must study biology.

Biology, in the matter of environment, studies the link between living things and the place they live in, and between those living things themselves. Biologists travel across the world, detecting, inventorying, comparing, analyzing and getting results of phenomena, such as global warming which is the most catastrophic result of human impact on the environment in the earth History.

6- Biology helps us understand our bodies and the changes occurring in them :

Humans, exactly like animals and plants have a life cycle. Continuous changes happen every second in our bodies, those changes have irreversible impacts, given that the timeline is going in one direction.

Growth, metabolism, reproduction, giving birth, aging or even breathing are all processes that we can’t explain without studying biology.

For the reasons I mentioned above (there are surely many others), studying biology is an ineluctable duty (yes it is !!!) that allows us to understand the life of our own and the one around us.

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