Artificial Intelligence or more commonly called acronym- AI, is an advanced technology wherein machines can perform human-like activities and daily tasks with the help of computerized learning and comprehending abilities. Fundamentally AI is a technology which imitates human intelligence to make machine process and reduced any form of data whileContinue Reading

What is causing the brain drain or the great Indian migration? Why are talented Indians choosing foreign lands over India? Read to know more. What is Brain drain? The brain drain is the migration of educated persons from one country to another. Primary external brain drain occurs when human resources leaveContinue Reading

Reversing the pension reforms for politics of populism may lead to fiscal hara-kiri in the long run, and the states must resist any such move. Recently Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh—both Congress-ruled states—have decided to reinstate the old pension system of defined benefit plan, where the employer (state governments in these cases)Continue Reading

I welcome the government’s offer to take our measurements so that it can keep our dentures ready for when we need them I would like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to pressure the government to take more measurements of all Indian citizens, instead of a few select measurementsContinue Reading