Every party in India has to register with the Election Commission. The Commission treats every party as equal to the others, but it offers special facilities to large and established parties. They are given a unique symbol and are called, “recognized political parties.” A registered party is recognised as aContinue Reading

NITI Aayog’s Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar explains the thinktank’s role in translating a dynamic policy shift into reality. The Aayog with a Difference  NITI Aayog. An elegant name for a new era. NITI stands for National Institution for Transforming India, while ‘niti’ pleasingly at the same time means ‘policy’ in Sanskrit andContinue Reading

GyanTemple Union Budget

India’s Union Budget 2022-23 was unveiled earlier today, showcasing the Narendra Modi government’s continued focus on capital expenditure projects (roads, railways, urbanization, clean mobility) as a means to keep the economy moving, creating jobs and developing ancillary industries along the way. The central government also intends to direct significant fundsContinue Reading