India has the third-largest ecosystem for startups, yet 80-90% of Indian startups fail within the first 5 years of their inception. Wondering why startups fail? We found some of the key reasons behind the same and ways in which entrepreneurs could challenge these startup failure situations. Here are 9 reasons why startupsContinue Reading

India is set to be a cradle for internet of things deployments thanks to its vibrant economy and its potential to play a bigger role in global manufacturing In the northern Indian city of Kohima, data collected from sensors and other internet of things (IoT) devices is being used to manage streetContinue Reading

Fintech leads the sectoral pack with the potential to add 15 unicorns. Logistics and agritech are jointly expected to create 13 unicorns in the coming months. Zepto, Fresh To Home, Ninjacart, Purplle, Practo, Open, DeHaat and Khatabook are among the soon-to-be unicorns. India may see as many as 45 startupContinue Reading

Science, technology and innovation have had a great impact on economic growth and social development in India. The Government moved from scientific policy resolution (1958) to the technology policy statement (1983) to the science and technology policy (2003) and finally to the science, technology and innovation policy (2013). These areContinue Reading